Comm. Tech End Task

Choose ONE of the following to complete for your end task. These are all INDIVIDUAL assignments. This assignment will be 50% of your end task mark, the other 50% is based on your blog/portfolio (assignment completion and posting)

Photographic Portfolio: Assemble a portfolio of images that you create. The images should be linked thematically in some way. You can use Photoshop to manipulate the images if you desire. You may use your own camera if you want to take your pictures at home. You should end up with at least 10 polished images, more would be fine though. I will be looking for evidence of the rules of composition and photographic techniques as covered in class for this project. Post them all on a blog page titled “Photographic Portfolio”.

Illustrator Portfolio: Do you enjoy working with Adobe Illustrator? Keep going and create an Illustrator portfolio based on tutorials similar to the ones that we have completed in class. You should have five to ten images in your completed portfolio. Post them all on a blog page titled “Illustrator Portfolio”

Indesign: Create a set of InDesign documents for a group or business (real or fictitious). Include an informational brochure, letterhead and a business card. Focus on appropriate use of typeface and graphics. You may need to incorporate photography or Illustrator graphics for your final package. Post all documents to your blog.

Web Production: Produce a WordPress website for a real or fictional business. Include images, text and all information required on a typical website. This will require multiple pages on a new wordpress blog.

All of your course work and end task work must be completed and posted to your blog by 3:10 pm on Friday, January 18th.

This room and the equipment in it will not be available for use during exam week.

Adobe Illustrator Assignment #2

More Adobe Illustrator tutorials.

Illustrator can be fiendishly difficult – try not to get frustrated, be patient and keep clicking!

These tutorials work with rotating and combining shapes to create interesting new images.

If those ones are a little on the tough side for you, check out this one:

If all else fails, head over to google and search for “beginner illustrator tutorial”

Happy Illustrating!


Adobe Illustrator

We will spend some time working with Adobe Illustrator.

For our first project we will create this landscape scene.

InDesign – Computer Ergonomics

Not very many people realize it, but Computer Ergonomics is an important part of working safely with computers.

Ergonomics refers to the ability to properly adjust your computer workstation to prevent injury or fatigue when using a computer.

Let’s take some time to learn about computer ergonomics and then develop a poster outlining some proper computer use tips.

Here are some resources that you can use to develop a poster in InDesign (warning, many of these links contain overly cheesy graphics)

some images

KPDSB (school board) ergonomics guidelines

Ergonomics Checklist

More on Electronic Recycling

Spotlight on an Ontario e-waste recycling facility. 

A 2010 article outlining some of the difficulties in recycling electronics.


InDesign Poster – Recycle Your Electronics!

With the increasingly rapid upgrading and introduction of new technology, it is becoming more and more important to properly dispose of our old and unwanted equipment.

In Ontario, we have the Ontario Environmental Stewardship, an organization that takes fees collected when electronics and other environmentally harmful items are sold and used them to properly recycle electronic items.

Check out the Recycle Your Electronics website here.

In InDesign, create a poster outlining any of the following:

The importance of proper recycling of electronics

How to recycle your electronics

What kinds of electronics should be recycled.

As with the social media poster, export your image as a JPG and post it to your blog.

Social Media Awareness Site

This site looks good, check it out for inspiration for your poster:

Desktop Publishing using Adobe InDesign

We are going to begin work on Adobe InDesign this week.

Adobe InDesign is “Desktop Publishing” software that is used to create printed and digital documents of all kinds.

We are going to create “Social Media Awareness” posters using InDesign and images that we find online (stock images) or create on our own (photography and/or photoshop).

Use the techniques we discuss in class to create an eye-catching and informative poster (design principles)

(a google search to direct your online research)

End of Term 1

Friday will be the last day of Term 1 in this class.

Starting Monday we will move onto a new set of assignments.

Completion of assignments from Term 1 should happen before Monday.

Midterm marks will be based on assignments posted before Monday. Midterm report cards will be sent out next Friday.

Tuesday Photography

Take some time today to grab a camera and try your hand at some action photography.

There should be games going on in the gyms – see what sort of shots you can get.

When shooting sports I prefer to leave the flash off and use Av mode – I set the aperture as wide as it can go and then try to use existing lighting to my advantage. You may want to adjust the ISO setting of the camera to its maximum.

The 50mm lenses will work best for this as they let in the maximum amount of light.

Days with activities like this happening are also good for interesting candid photographs – there are usually lots of people hanging out that are happy to have their pictures taken!

Post your best shots to your blog.