Top 5 Teenage Technology Mistakes

Have you made any of the tech mistakes in this article?

Upcoming Webcast Events

Looking for voluteers for the following upcoming events:

Friday, Jan 27th @ 6:30 – Boys Hockey @ Dryden Arena
Tuesday, Jan. 31st @ 6:00 – Boys Hockey @ Dryden Arena
Thursday, Feb 2nd – Court Sports @ DHS
Friday, Feb 3rd @ 6:30 – Girls Hockey @ Dryden Arena
Wednesday, Feb. 8th – Court Sports @ DHS
Friday, Feb 10th @ 6:30 – Boys Hockey @ Dryden Arena
Friday, Feb 17th @ 6:30 – Girls Hockey @ Dryden Arena

SLR Camera Simulator

Thanks to Michelle for finding and sharing this Camera Simulator.

This app lets you experiment with the different camera settings and see instantly the effect they have on the final image.

Click here to try it out!

From the makers of QWOP


Photoshop Fail

What’s wrong with this picture? Don’t make these mistakes in your Photoshop work! (unless it’s on purpose)


Reality vs. Photoshop


Music wheel thing..

Check it out!

Free Streaming Music Site

screenshot is a really cool free music site that lets you search artists and create, save and share playlists.

They seem to have 99% of what I search for, and they’ll probably have what you’re looking for as well.

Semster 2 Startup

Welcome to This is the main page of my site, where you will find links to the various class pages.

I post interesting images, videos and articles here from time to time.

Neat Stop-Motion Video

These guys walked from the entire length of Yonge street in Toronto, stopping every 10 meters to take a picture of each other. The result is a pretty cool stop-motion video.

At the End of Yonge St from Fixinmytie on Vimeo.