Canadian Technological Innovation

Research and describe the development of a Canadian technological innovation or invention (e.g., snowmobile, personal communication device, potato digger, odometer, anti-gravity suit, CPR mannequin, zipper).

Find the following information and arrange it into a poster/display format. Include pictures that you find online.

Describe the invention or innovation (what is it, what does it do)

Who was the inventor/inventors/company that came up with the innovation or invention?

When did the invention happen (what year)

What is the significance of the invention or innovation.

What sort of impact has the invention had on society?

Complete the work in Google Docs and email a link to your completed work to me at

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Technological Solutions for Environmental Problems

In some cases environmental problems can be solved through the use of technology. For example, the problem of waste management and shrinking landfill space has been reduced through recycling progams and reusable packaging.

Identify technological solutions that have been designed in response to environmental concerns and produce a brief write-up that includes the following:

1. Initial concern

2. Technological Solution

3. Benefits to this solution

4. Drawbacks/problems of the solution

5. Possible future developments

Some example solutions: catalytic converter, wind turbines, solar-powered signs, biofuels, non-toxic and hypoallergenic products, recyclable and reusable packaging, environmentally friendly road de-icing;

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CNC Technology

Read the following articles and answer the questions below. If you have not yet submitted the work on “New and Emerging Technologies” please do so ASAP.

Email your answers to

1. What does CNC stand for?

2. What is CAD software used for?

3. What are the three axis used in CNC?

4. What are some industries that use CNC machining?

5. What are the advantages of CNC machining?

6. What are the different types of CNC machines?

7. What sort of parts do CNC machines make (as described in the article)

8. Are there limitations to CNC machining?

9. Search online to see if you can find examples of other products made with CNC machining. List them here.

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New and Emerging Technologies

New and Emerging Technologies

Describe how society is being affected today by various new and emerging technologies (e.g., electronic messaging, Global Positioning System [GPS], smart phones, wireless access, hybrid vehicles, nanotechnology, biotechnology, alternative energy such as solar or wind power, mapping systems such as google maps)

Choose one of the terms above, or select your own (check here for more ideas) and produce a short graphical write up (include text and pictures) that lists the following information:

Description of the technology (what is it and what does it do)

Short history or timeline of the technology

Use of the technology (who uses it for what)

Innovators – who is in the lead at developing this technology

Impacts – how is this technology affecting the world around us

Future – What is seen as the future of this technology – where is it going?

Create the document in whatever format you’d like, make sure you email it to me when complete. Use the k12 email ( to submit.

These assignments are meant to have you do some research into technology and technological change. Although they may not see directly related to the hands-on part of our course, they are curriculum requirements that we need to cover – these assignments will be graded and count as part of your final mark.

If you finish this, check this out:

The Eyeball Game:

and this:

and this:




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