House Framing Basics

Read the article here about house framing basics:

Answer the following questions and email your response to

1. The frame of a house can be compared to what part of the human body?

2. What determines the size of the framing parts of a house?

3. Why is it important to have knowledge of house components, especially when remodeling?

4. How can non-bearing walls be identified in house construction? Why is it that they are safe to remove when remodeling?

5. Why is the footing wider than the foundation?

6. What are the two basic framing methods? Which one is more common in new construction?

7. Briefly describe the platform framing process.

8. What are the two standard spacing measurements for wall studs? What is one reason that those spacings are used?

9. What is the purpose of exterior wall sheathing?

10. What materials are generally used for roof sheating?

11. What purpose does inner wood framing serve?

12. Why would 2×6 lumber be used for inner wall framing?

13. Provide a short description of the components of window opening framing.

14. What are some advantages of raised floors over slab floors?

15. What are the typical sizes of floor joists?