End Task Research – “The 2×4 Challenge”

Note: Those of you working on doghouse construction and/or independent projects will have time to continue to do so next week.

Spend some time today researching and gathering information for your end task for this class.

What can you make from a single 2×4, 8 feet in length?

The answer might surprise you.

Using the skills and techniques developed over the course of this semester, you will design and create a functional item using a standard 8 foot long SPF 2×4. The general goal is to create an item that has more value than the 2×4 itself.

Using online sources, search out potential project ideas. Create rough sketches of three to five potential projects on the attached page. Include notes and dimensions to help you determine the most suitable product. This is the time to consult with classmates and your teacher in order to select a project that is suited to your ability.

Search for “2×4 challenge” to see some examples of things that other people have made out of a single 2×4.

Remember that you can cut, rip, plane and laminate your 2×4 to create larger pieces of lumber. You could create another bandsaw box (or a few boxes, probably). You could glue up your 2×4 and create a CNC sign or plaque.  You could glue up a blank and create something on a lathe. You could make a small shelf or stool. You could make a toy. The possibilities are literally endless!

Collect your research it and save it in a document – you will be required to submit evidence of your research as a part of your final mark.