Safety Quiz Research

DHS has the opportunity to enter a safety contest and win an awesome new bandsaw for the wood shop.

In order to win the contest we need to get a very high score on an online quiz. Only one entry is allowed per class.

Before we submit an entry we need to research the answers and make sure that we get close to perfect on the test.

The quiz is here: Please read and research the questions to determine what the correct answer is but DO NOT SUBMIT THE ANSWERS!

We will have to pick a “class representative” to submit the quiz on our behalf and we will do that before the deadline.

When I return tomorrow we will continue working on the picnic table project.

Don’t worry, I have not forgotten about the dog house project (I know you were worried).

If you finish the above, do a google search for “single sheet doghouse” – are any of these plans usable for our needs? I want a doghouse that is framed similarly to the house framing exercise that you did yesterday so we may have to do some modifications.

See you on Wednesday.