Wednesday, April 3rd

a. Learning Skills Assessment

Take a look at the list of Learning Skills and Work Habits listed below. Describe each of the learning skills in your own words, and list an example ot two of how you feel you meet or don’t meet the requirements of that Learning Skill. (for example Responsibility: A responsible person has good attendance, arrives to class on time and completes their course work on time. I am responsible because I try very hard to have perfect attendance and I use my time well to complete my assignments on time.) Submit via email.

Think about how you:
fulfill commitments in class (i.e. attendance, punctuality, prepared to work) ;
complete and submit class work, and assignments on time
manage your behaviour.

Consider how well you:
create and follow a plan to complete work and tasks;
establish priorities and manages time to achieve goals; and
gather, evaluate and use information, technology and resources to complete tasks.

Independent Work
Consider how well you:
monitor, assess, and revise plans to complete tasks and meet goals;
use class time appropriately to complete tasks; and
follow instruction with minimal supervision.

Consider how well you:
accept various roles and an equitable share of the work within a group;
respond positively to the ideas, opinions, values, and traditions of others;
build healthy peer relationships;
work with others to resolves conflicts and builds consensus to achieve group goals; and
share information, resources, and expertise to solve problems and make decisions.

Think about how you:
act upon new ideas and opportunities for learning;
demonstrate a willingness to take risks;
demonstrate curiosity and interest in learning;
approach new tasks with a positive attitude; and
recognize and advocate appropriately for the rights of self and others.

Consider how well you:
set your individual goals and monitor progress towards achieving them;
seek assistance when needed;
assess and reflect critically on her/his strengths, needs and interests;
identify learning opportunities, choices, and strategies to meet personal needs and achieve goals; and
persevere when facing challenges.

b. Sometimes, it’s all about estimating.

Try your hand at the estimating game here. Can you get the lowest (best) score?

I received just three emails with completed work yesterday – please complete the Workplace Health and Safety reading and email me your results. Take some time to check other past assignments as well – email anything that you have not yet submitted.

When you have completed your Vcarve please sign your name on the list that is taped to my desk –  this will be the order that we produce the items.

By the way, you need to check out the site that I found the estimating game on. The site is created by a super detail-oriented woodworking guy who obsessively documents his projects. I like his machines and contraptions.