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TMJ – ARC Welded Stump

This PDF is a handout for the classic “ARC Welded stump project” for use in a manufacturing class.

Students will be required to use safe operating procedures on cutting, welding and grinding equipment.

This is a good introductory welding project, suitable for use at the Grade 10 level in manufacturing.

Click here to download “Arc Welded Stump Handout PDF”

Expectations met by this project:

B3.1 set up hand tools, machine tools, power tools, and equipment (e.g., jigs and fixtures, clamps, engine lathe, welding equipment, milling machine, drill press, injection-moulding machine) properly in preparation for the manufacture of a product (e.g., robotic challenge, design challenge, fabrication project);

B3.2 use various hand tools, power tools, machine tools, and related equipment (e.g., saws, grinders, milling machine, engine lathe, welding equipment, vacuum-forming machine) safely and correctly to manufacture a product;

B3.3 use the proper procedures for maintaining and storing materials, tools, and equipment;

B3.4 demonstrate safe workplace practices and behaviours (e.g., follow instructions, keep work area clean and dry, don’t distract other workers) when using materials, tools, and equipment to manufacture a product.

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