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Grade 11 Manufacturing Friday March 13th

Choose a career in the manufacturing field, research it online and write a short informational paragraph about the career.

You must include the following information in your finished product:
Job description
Educational Requirements (list at least two places that you could receive the education required for this job)
Skills needed by people who do this job
Wage expectations (for people that do this job in Canada if possible, in Canadian dollars if not)
Where you would work if you had this job (names of companies)
Opportunities for advancement (what else is there that people who do this job can do?)
Picture(s) of somebody doing this job or other relevant graphics

Type this up and then email it to me. Email to

Possible Careers:
Underwater welder
Automotive Repair
Tool and Die Maker
CNC Machinist

If you have completed that, check out some of these videos by Chuck-E. He give a pretty good overview of many welding processes – look at something new or review a process that you have already worked on.

If you’re done with that look online to try to find some project ideas for used/discarded fire extinguishers. As I mentioned, I am getting a bunch and I’d like to see what we can do with them




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