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TMJ – Hand-Forged “J” Hook

This J-Hook project is a good introduction to metal shaping using heat (torch or forge) and rudimentary blacksmithing using hammer and anvil.

This project will require students to use a cutting tool (can be as simple as a hacksaw), a forge or torch, anvil and hammer and a drill press.

Click here for an illustrated PDF handout for this project.

Expectations met with this project:

B2.1 identify and select appropriate materials required to manufacture a product;

B2.2 develop a process plan for the manufacture of a product (e.g., create a work plan, identify appropriate tools and equipment, produce a bill of material, develop a budget for the project);

B2.3 use correct procedures to prepare materials for the manufacture of a product (e.g., layout, cutting to rough length, squaring, drilling, weld preparation, deburring);

B2.4 use appropriate methods of assembly (e.g., joining, bonding, crimping, fastening) based on design criteria and specifications.

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