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Amazing news photos from Hurricane Ike

The Boston Globe has a feature known as “The Big Picture”.
These are some incredible pics from Hurricane Ike.
Check out some of the other Big Picture topics – there are some incredibly moving and amazing pictures in there.

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Google Chrome, a web browser from Google

You may have already heard that the search engine giant Google has created and released their own web browser. This browser is supposed to be faster and more secure than Internet Explorer and Firefox (which is what I currently use)
I tried it out a few times, and it seems good – not sure if I’m completely ready to switch yet, apparently there are some bugs that still need to be worked out.
Give it a try yourself, if you’d like – you can download it for free from Google (click here).

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Welcome Back!

This is the main page of my course website. On the right hand side you will find links with some personal information about me as well as links to the individual course pages.
This page will contain periodic updates that apply to all classes, as well as interesting or unusual comm tech related articles I may come across.

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