Lesson Plans

Free Tech Lesson Plans for Teachers. Based on Ontario Curriculum. Courses include TGJ, TMJ, TCJ and TIJ

TIJ or TCJ – Wooden Toolbox Project

Overall Expectations A2.1 explain how to correctly and safely use, maintain, and store construction tools and equipment (e.g., hammers, measuring instruments, table saws, mitre saws, drills, lathes, cordless drills); A2.2 select the most appropriate tools or equipment for specific tasks (e.g., wooden mallet versus framing hammer, crosscut saw versus rip saw, combination square versus framing […]

TGJ 2O0 – Introduction to Camera Use

Overall Expectations B3.1 apply creative skills, equipment operating skills, and software skills to create components for a media production (e.g., text, video footage, voice-overs, graphics, animations for a video promoting a school event); B3.2 apply editing skills to integrate the components into a unified and effective production. D1.2 apply safe work practices when performing communications […]

TMJ – Hand-Forged “J” Hook

This J-Hook project is a good introduction to metal shaping using heat (torch or forge) and rudimentary blacksmithing using hammer and anvil. This project will require students to use a cutting tool (can be as simple as a hacksaw), a forge or torch, anvil and hammer and a drill press. Click here for an illustrated […]

TIJ or TMJ – Sheet Metal Box Template/Construction

Attached is a basic template to be used in the construction of a sheet metal box. Students will learn the importance of accurate measurement and layout as well as the use of basic sheet metal cutting and bending tools. This is an excellent first “getting your hands dirty” type of project for students in grade […]

TGJ 2O0 – Desktop Publishing – Menu Design

Overall Expectations A1.2 demonstrate an understanding of design elements (e.g., line, form, colour, texture, space) and principles (e.g., balance, rhythm, proportion, contrast, flow); A1.5 identify different types of communications software used to create communications technology products and services (e.g., software for photo, audio, and video editing, animation, page layout, web page creation, and computer graphics) […]

TMJ – ARC Welded Stump

This PDF is a handout for the classic “ARC Welded stump project” for use in a manufacturing class. Students will be required to use safe operating procedures on cutting, welding and grinding equipment. This is a good introductory welding project, suitable for use at the Grade 10 level in manufacturing. Click here to download “Arc […]