Thursday, October 22nd

Grade 10:

Hi! Use the computers to research and complete a “shop safety poster” detailing one shop safety rule.

Use whatever computer software package you are comfortable with.

Include images and as much information as necessary. You can print out and hand in OR email these to me when complete – .

If you have completed this try to find a lathe instructional video on youtube, especially one that deals with feed rates, speeds and RPM.

See you tomorrow!

Grade 12:

Research and respond to the following statement:

“It should be illegal to throw an aluminum can in the garbage”

Provide reasons why this statement is true (or false, but it’s totally true).

A couple paragraphs would be cool.

See you tomorrow.

Grade 11:

A bit of reading for you today.

Precision Measuring:




After you have finished this reading, you can create a safety poster for a machining tool (i.e. lathe, mill, drill press)

Use online research to select a general safety rule and then assemble using images to create a poster.

When you complete this you can email it to me or print it out and hand it in.


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